Made on a Mac

To celebrate arrival at the turning point of the voyage, a day in harbour and a thorough internal cleaning of the boat was declared. By 15:00 everything was done and sightseeing could begin.

The crew crossed the lock bridge to the harbour front. and walked round the fortress and along the promenade to the Hoe, buying soft-ices along the way. After saying hello to Sir Francis Drake and the Eddystone lIghthouse, the tour continued past the bowling green to the main road and then past the gin factory in the old town. Circling round to the bus station at the fringe of the modern shopping area, the crew found their way back to the old town, to sit by the harbour for a beer at The Swan. After returning to the marina for another beer in the bar/restaurant it was back to the boat for dinner of prawn curry on board.

21 July

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