Made on a Mac

13 July

It had been planned to cast off at 13:00, but due to the state of the wind it was decided to stay in harbour. A quiet Sunday on board was passed with domestic activities. Joe did the washing. Derek sewed-up a hole in his pyjamas. Later the crew strolled on the promenade together and took delicious patisserie back to the boat to be enjoyed with afternoon coffee.

In the evening, the crew went in search of a restaurant with television, to watch the World Cup Final. There were crowds everywhere due to an enormous motorcycle rally. Every restaurant was full and all TVs were switched off. Eventually a space was found at "Le Frigate", where there were many TVs, but no food. So, amidst a sympathetic crowd, it was possible to watch Germany win 1:0 against Argentina.

Afterwards, motorcycles and spectators were everywhere. The crew bought doner kebabs from a take-away near the harbour and returned late to Weeki Wachee.


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